Bryony & Chris . Carbis Bay Hotel - St Ives, Cornwall . 26/08/17

Bryony and Chris were married on the 26th of August at the beautiful Carbis Bay Hotel in St Ives, Cornwall. The settings were perfect and the sun shone all day. I arrived at 9am to document the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready and I saw the day through until dance floor cleared at midnight. As a documentary photographer primarily I am used to building up a story with my photographs, this means that when I photograph a wedding I like to amerce myself completely in the whole day and be there from start to finish. The couple were married at midday in a large glass fronted room overlooking the breathtakingly blue waters of St Ives Bay. After the ceremony the guests gathered on the patio for champagne and nibbles out on the sunny deck and i milled about taking candid photos of the guests and the bride and groom. I like to leave a good portion of time after the ceremony for the bride and groom to socialise with their guests. It is important to respect them and their family and allow some uninterrupted time for congratulations and conversing. Once the champagne had been drunk I led the party down to the beach for some group photographs, the plan had always been to get the group shots done before the guests disperse and drink too much and the whole operation becomes much more difficult! I don't like to take too long with the group and couple shots as the bride and groom are always in high demand and everyone wants to make the most of them and their day. I spent less than an hour getting all the pre-decided family, group and couple shots, starting on the beach and then bringing the bride and groom up into the gardens. This hour was the extent of the staged photographs, the rest of the photography was all just me circling the room, talking to each table and capturing as many portraits and as much of the atmosphere that I could without getting in the way too much. Games were played and cake was cut and when the evening came and the band began to play, I focused on the guests enjoying themselves. I wanted to capture the precious moments that the bride and groom might miss in amidst the rush of the day.  



Kathryn and Michael were married on the 11th of June 2016 at Heartlands in Pool, Cornwall the ceremony was followed by a reception at the Lowenac Hotel in Camborne, Cornwall. My day started at 9am in Porthtowan at a large beachside house that the bridal party had hired. There were lots of women and children all frantically getting ready so the atmosphere was very loud and busy. I spent some time photographing the flower girls and getting in the detailed shots of the decor and flowers. The first venue of the day was a local mining heritage site Heartlands. The couple were married at 12.30pm in a large open conference room on the Heartlands site. After the ceremony there was some time for the guests to catch up and for the children to let off some steam outside in the courtyard. I then went with the bride and grrom, their children and close family members to the cemetery in Frogpool. The couple had lost their baby son Matthew in 2012 and it was only right that he was included in their special day. We did several family and couple shots by Matthews grave, we lit candles, raised a glass, spoke some words and remembered him. Although this was obviously painful for the family and a difficult scenario for me to photograph, it felt very neccessary for their son to be included in the day and it was essential that I could document it. The sun was shining and everyone left for the reception venue happy and at peace. The reception took place at the Lowenac Hotel, there was a large buffet style spread in the open plan conservatory room. I used this oppportunity to leave for half an hour and allow the family to eat and reflect on the day so far. After the meal it was time for the group photographs. I utilised the gardens and cast-iron archways and I also used the paths and flowerbeds to add some texture and depth to the images. Once the family and couple shots were taken care of I spent my afternoon playing on the bouncy castle and capturing the children playing. The day was then rounded off by cake cutting, a pasty tea and a very emotional first dance.

FERG & REBA 14.05.16

Ferg and Reba were married on the 14th of May 206 at the Scorrier House and Estate in Scorrier, Cornwall. I wasn't a designated photographer for this wedding, I was a guest and I asked if I could bring my camera to capture my view of the day. This was different, it was less pressure, I didn't need to produce a fine tuned selection of slick imagery at the end, I could take the pictures that I wanted to take. I wasn't there for the preparation, I arrived for the ceremony with the rest of the guests. The bride and groom were married outside in the gardens with a beautifully decorated bandstand behind them. This was followed by a unique 'afternoon tea' out on the lawns in front of the majestic house. We had Pimms in tea-cups and played some croquet before Reba threw the bouquet into the hands of her long awaiting sister! We then went inside for a large spread of food, assembled from each of the guests bringing a dish. The speeches were wonderful and I focused on getting some sneaky candid shots of the couples reactions to the kind words. I didn't take that many photographs because I was enjoying the day too much! This wedding was a great introduction for me into the world of wedding photography, it gave me a great chance to practise for my upcoming wedding photography ventures.