Loco Meo is the latin for 'My Place' this project became my most recent book. Home means different things to different people. Someones home will undoubtably reveal aspects of their personality. I noticed similarities between the patterns and fabrics of peoples clothes with their furniture, I also noticed particular colours and styles appearing regularly in the decor.  This project began by seeking to determine whether a persons home and surroundings reflect their personality. As it progressed it became less important to answer this question and more important to create a document of alternative ways of living. It bacame a journey inside the homes of different people, who’s lives are all connected to mine in various ways. I wanted to explore the concept of home and what it means to these people, to discover whether or not their homes reflect their personalities and certain aspects of their lives. With rent prices soaring under our current government, and less chances for young people to make it onto the property ladder, alternative housing methods have become increasingly popular. Many people either choose to, or are forced to look at less conventional options than buying or renting a house. Living in vehicles, cohabiting, house-sharing and living off-grid have all become more popular as the cost of living rises. This book looks at these other options and makes visual comparisons between them and the more conventional house set-up, to look at how they differ and what they have in common.