160 - 180 Beats Per Minute

Drum and Bass music emerged out of the U.K in the mid 1990s. The genre originated from several different styles of music; reggae, hip-hop and breakbeat. Nowadays there are several sub-genres within the Drum and Bass scene and the genre has taken off massivey in the last decade. Bristol was one of the birthplaces of Drum and Bass in the mid-ninties and the scene is very much alive and thriving today. I have spent a large amount of my youth attending these club nights and free par- tys so I understand that this genre of music has a whole culture attatched to it, it doesnt end on the dance oor. This culture is unique to the UK, in particular Bristol and London. This project explores the culture of Drum and Bass and serves as a document to the only truly British genre of music.

For me, Drum and Bass has been an integral part of my youth, I nally found people who I connect- ed with and places where I tted in, outside of the mainstream music and social scene. It was never just about the music, it was about the people, the long nights spent dancing your worries away in the back room of some dingy little bar. Just being yourself without being judged, it felt like a community.

“It feels like it’s a group of people that have successfully managed to avoid being brainwashed by current mainstream pop music. This fact alone uni es the people on some level, creating a scene where you feel at home, surrounded by like-minded individuals.”